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Is it Possible to Work at Home as a Medical Coder?

Let's face facts

Most people dream of the possibility of working from home. The work at home option is appealing for so many reasons: flexibility, lack of commute, more time with family, working at your own pace and on your own schedule, being able to attend to personal matters at scheduled breaks, easy access to the refrigerator, and so many more...

Currently hundreds of medical coders are working from home quite effectively.

Working from home as a medical coder basically requires that the home based medical coder is granted remote access to the hospital or clinic centralized medical coding system.

To work from Home you may require the following:

  • Certification
  • HIPAA awareness
  • Access to the Servers
  • Work Experience minimum of 1 year

The use of a medical dictionary or Internet search engine is most helpful in learning the exact meaning of a medical term. However, if the basic concepts of word building are understood, many words are understandable to the student of medical terminology.

*** Work from home is possible only if you get 12-18 months work experience. You cannot work from home just after training. Work experience is must. MEDESUN DOSEN'T PROVIDE ANY HOME BASED WORK.

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