Decision Making

Medesun Offers Comprehensive Medical Coding and Billing Training


Decision Making

I am a science student (Life science) You are eligible for Medical Coding and Billing
I need 12,000 Salary after Training Staring salary is 6,000-10,000, Please think twice before you take decision
My age is 40 years plus Don't choose MCMB as career, To get job in Indian BPOs age factor is important
Intermediate Qualification Don't choose MCMB, its impossible to get a job. Graduation is must. If some one offers job, then its DATAENTRY only
If your salary is 12,000 Plus MT is best for you. Don't select Medical Coding and Billing.
Salary is 12,000, but I need change If Starting salary is not important for you, then take up Medical coding and billing
I don't like MT as I feel its Physical Job and Tedious Wait, Medical coding and billing is also tedious, however very less compared to MT
I have 5 years of Exp in MT Medical coding and billing is best for you, You are most preferred by employers. Starting Salary will be less, prepare for that
There is no growth in MT Medical coding and billing is good for you, as growth is faster and you have much scope to prove your talent.
I am doing Home Based work Medical coding and billing is best for you, Upgrade your knowledge without disturbing your Job
I am very much interested To be a successful Medical coder and biller, you should have intrest, Select Medical coding and billing career
I don't want to work in Night Shifts Expect good salary if you are ready to work as per USA Timings. MCMB is not for you. MCMB is more Responsible Job. Salary depends up on how much responsibility you will take. in MCMB you need to discuss with US Physicians, Nurses and Payers as per requirement. Prepare to work as per US Timings.
I need home based work after training Home based work is not possible in MCMB, You need atleast 1-2 years experience.
I need Job Guarantee Job guarantee is Misleading. Job depends upon so many factors like communication skills, willingness to work in night shifts, computer knowledge, and flexibility, willing to sign service agreement etc.Medesun Never entertains any students expecting JOB GURANTEE. If a student depends on someone for Job, we feel that student is not eligible for MCMB. MCMB is Professional, Skilled, Ethical and Responsible Job. Medesun Provides Placement Assistance only.
I don't want to sign the Bond for Job Don't choose MCMB, Every MCMB company takes service agreement, MCMB needs commitment.

Click Here before you decide to enroll. Medical transcriptionists and PRs, please contact Dr. Guptha Personally before you take decision

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