Student testimony

Student Testimony

Medesun training is very good.. The training is excellent.. The trainers are certified with 10 years experience.. I passed CPC exam.. My dream came true.. ICD-10 training is good.. As per my knowledge Dr Guptha only AHIMA ICD-10 Approved trainer in India.. My friends also passed the exam and are in good position.. I like their training policy-No Job guarantee, knowledge guarantee.. The class environment is very good.. Many thanks to medesun for guiding me and preparing for the exam.. Dr Ghazal.

Medesun Medical coding training is very very good.. Today i got results and i passed the CPC exam with 81% marks.. I thank Saptagiri, Dr yaseen and Dr Guptha sir for excellent training. I learnt the new coding concepts. I suggest others to join Medesun for medical coding training,, Take training by experts and certified coders with experience.. I also suggest certified coders to take ICD-10 training india from Medesun to upgrade the CPC.. Many Many many many thanks to MEDESUN.

Training is excellent.. I passed CPC.. The faculties is good. They helped for career guidance.. The only thing i like about the Medesun is the training method, covering each code and covering all guidelines.. The trainers worked for US projects,, I suggest coders to join Medesun for ICD-10 Training India and also to upgrade CPC proficiency assesment in future.. Thanks to MEDESUN.

I passed CPC exam.. Medesun is great company The teaching method is good.. Every code is discussed in the class.. The trainers are USA certified with ICD-10 experience.. They take care of each student.. I passed CPC with Medesun training.. I recommend the prospective students to join medesun.

The training is very good.. Dr yaseen and guptha are certified coders with 10 years of experience. I passed CPC exam.. I made my career.. Medesun is good institute.. I suggest to join Medesun for Medical coding.. Sreenivas Velpula

Medesun trainers are certified and has experienced Medical coding and billing.. Training is as per US standards.. I have passed CPC exam and now i am enjoying good career.. They teach all codes in detail.. They teach all guidelines in detail and gives plenty of home work. All doubts are cleared in class.. Its a best institute in Medical coding and ICD-10.. Medesun trainer Dr Guptha is AHIMA ICD-10 approved trainer.. ICD-10 implementation is from October1st, 2014. All coders has to learn ICD-10.. Medesun teaches ICD-10 for 2014.. ICD-10 is very complex coding system.. ICD-9 has 14,000 codes and ICD-10 has 1,40,000 codes.. Medesun teaches ICD-10 mapping in detail with plenty of ICD-10 questions and answers where you can appply mapping and help the provider in ICD-9 to ICD-10 transisition.. Also, all coders and billers has to learn about the HIPAA.. Medesun trainer is Certified HIPAA Administrator, they teach HIPAA in detail which is must as per US standards.. Overall, Medesun is best to get knowledge.. I like the training method and knowledge they have..

Training in Medesun is very good.. I passed CPC exam. You will learn from basics to advanced. Dr Yaseen teaching is very good. Training method is nice, as the faculties are experienced, teaching is good.

The ICD-10 training by Medesun is as per US healthcare standards.. I completed ICD-10 training and now i am confident to help the physicians in ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion.. ICD-10 training in india by Dr guptha-Medesun is excellent.. To understand and implement ICD-10, only ICD-10 guidelines is not enough, Coder has to learn the ICD-10 Mappings in detail.. there many one to one mapping and many to one, you should know how to use mappings, how to analyse mappings what is logic in ICD-10 Flags.. All these are covered in detail by Medesun.. As far as i know, Dr Guptha is only AHIMA approved trainer.. All certified coders, when you choose ICD-10 trainer, make sure to check what they teach.. Mappings is must. Medesun training is 4 AHIMA CEUs approved. Helps in CPC proficiency assessment.

It is a very good institute with the best faculty for the people aspiring for a good future in Medical Coding. I am thankful to the institute for helping me build a career in this field.

  • On 08 April 2017
  • By Rudra

I take this opportunity to thank all the Medesun staff for guiding me to get through the CPC certification in my first attempt itself. Thanks one and all. Online training is excellent with good material.

Medesun is the best training institute for CPC certification. They have provided practice tests a lot to build in confidence and time management in an individual to undergo certification.

My sincere gratitude and thanks to Dr.Guptha and his team for providing excellent class room training course for CPC exam was helpful for preparation of CPC certification, as medical coding was totally new domain for me but after this course,I was confident enough to clear CPC exam and, I am happy that I cleared My CPC exam . Thank You Medesun for helping me to achieve this CPC certification and Thanks for giving all the Encouragement, Guidance, and Support to me. Please convey my regards to Dr. Yasin sir as he was my trainer. I wish MEDESUN a glorious and prosperous future ahead.

Thanks for giving opportunity for training in MEDESUN and CPC Exam. Yesterday i got my results and i am happy that I cleared My exam at first attempt with 76%. Please convey my regards to Dr. Yasin as he was my trainer. My best wishes will always with MEDESUN.

Turning aspiration into reality is easy when quality people like your goodself are there to support. Thank you for ur time, energy, and guidance. Without your generosity, and subjective knowledge, combined with my hardwork. I would not have achieved this milestone within a span of just 4 months from the commencement of Medical Coding training. I can definitely say that MEDESUN is best of the lot. I once again personally thank YOU and MEDESUN in helping me in passing CPC EXAM. I wish MEDESUN a glorious and prosperous future ahead.

I find Medesun online training course for CPC helpful for preparation of CPC certification, as medical coding was totally new domain for me but after this course,I was confident enough to clear CPC exam ¦highlighted points in each modules helped me to summarize important points for exam, similarly Short and long test have given me mock scenario for exam preparation.. I will recommend to all beginners to go through these modules thoroughly & sincerely, it helps you in exam..Dr Santosh Guptha sincere thanks to you for valuable suggestions and specially clearing doubts related to time management and approach to exam.

My sincere gratitude and thanks to Dr.Guptha and his team for all the excellent online course of CPC that he has created. The nature of the course was such that it helped me ease through the CPC exam in first attempt despite having no knowledge about CPC just a few months back. Dr. Guptha`s course should be taken online or in house by anyone desirable of making a career in Coding profession. The difficulty of Medesun`s exam is equivalent to that of actual CPC exam and by no means can anyone fail if you can clear Dr. Guptha`s exams. The course is very extensive and provides sufficient or more knowledge than one can get in any parallel training outside. My best wishes to Dr. Santosh Guptha and Medesun. I strongly recommend his institute.

Medesun training is wonderful. I passed CPC exam.. I was scared of exam. Medesun teached me very well. Trainers has LIVE work experience.. The good thing is that they teach also ICD-10 in detail. I got good training and passed CPC Exam.

I have completed ICD-10 Training from Medesun.. ICD-9 will be replaced by ICD-10.. All coders need to learn ICD-10 and need to upgrade the CPC with ICD-10 proficiency assessment. Medesun teaches ICD-10 mapping in detail.. Mapping knowledge is Must.. One has to know how to map ICD-9 to ICD-10.. ICD-10 knowledge is must for all coders. ICD-10 is complex, has more than one lac codes.. Medesun trainer is ICD-10 approved trainer.. All coders, this is my suggestion, Take training from certified and experienced coders only. Coding is skilled job, subject knowledge is must. Also, US healthcare may change to CPT-5 and ICD-11 in 2017.. So you need good foundation in Medical coding and ICD-10.

  • On 01 Jan 2018
  • By Mitra

Medesun training is innovative. Medesun questions and discussion helped me a lot. The mock exams helped to pass CPC exam.. They discuss every code in detail and makes you to work on guidelines. This is best institute in India for Medical coding and ICD-10.

  • On 15 Dec 2017
  • By Suman

Medesun trainiing is AWESOME.. I have cleared my CPC Exam.. Medesun traning is superb.. The questions and answers discussion helped me alot.. I am very confident now to work anywhere as medical coder.. Thanks to Medesun team.. 3 months training with practice and discussion is needed to pass CPC. This is best institute in India. One of the best teachers in US heakthcare. They have only faculties for ICD-10..

Hip hip hurray !! I passed CPC Exam. Medesun training excellent.. Experienced and certified faculties.. They start training with basics and then moves to advanced.. This is very good. Knowledge is must. Medical coding is skilled job, ICD-10 knowledge is must for doing the job. From 2014, October ICD-10 is implementing. Thanks to medesun for wonderful training.

Medesun training is very good.. I passed CPC exam, and i have completed the ICD-10 training. I am working with various clients on ICD-10 mapping, which is requirement of the industry. Medesun training policy is very good. They take students. Trainers are very educated and certified. Dr Guptha has attained 14 levels in medical coding, i think he is the only trainer in USA and India with such a credentials. He is an AHIMA ICD-10 approved trainer in India. Speciality of Medesun is they teach ICD-10 in detail, as Dr guptha is first generation AHIMA trainer, trainer in Dallas-USA.. ICD-10 mapping teaching is very good.. ICD-10 can be taught only by approved AHIMA ICD-10 trainers.. Trainer should have live ICD-10 experience. Medesun trainers are working on ICD-10 projects, medesun training is effective. I suggest students to visit once, attend the class and see for 4-5 days and then decide. All the best folks.

Medesun training is very good. Trainers are triple certified and auditors.. I passed CPC exam. Medesun teaches very well in a professional way. They teach code by code and all guidelines are covered in detail. The good thing is they take care of all topics. I am taking ICD-10 training and i am very happy with the subject knowledge i am getting. Many thanks for helping us.. Many thanks to medesun for excellent teaching.

Medesun training too good. Dr Yaseen teached me very well. The training method and mock exams helped me a lot.. The faculties are very much experienced and experts in the field. Training is systematic. Training material is very good. All areas of coding is covered. Dr Yaseen has passed 5 exams and Dr Guptha has passed 14 exams. Very well qualified trainers. Dr Guptha is triple certified coder, certified medical auditor and AHIMA ICD-10 approved trainer.

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