REFER IHPA WEBSITE FOR MORE DETAILS- As a certified coder, i am happy to share the following information. Dr Santosh Kumar Guptha is a USA and HIMAA Australia Medical Coding Certified Coder.

Please note that Singapore follows ICD-10-AM Coding, Australia follows ICD-10-AM 11th Edition Singapore medical coding involves ICD-10-AM, ACHI Codes as per ACS. Australia, Qatar, KSA ICD-10-AM, ACHI Coding as per ACS. Coders interested to take the ICD-10-AM Certification must approach HIMAA Website. MEDESUN does not provide ICD-10-AM Training. In Singapore some hospitals also assigns ICD-10-CM Codes. Medical Students, lIfescience students are eligible for coding jobs. its a skilled job.
Please make a note that- Copyright in the ICD Products belongs to the World Health Organization (WHO) and, to the extent an ICD Product has Australian content (identifiable by the abbreviation AM), copyright in that Australian content belongs to the Commonwealth of Australia. Please also note that the Commonwealth of Australia has strict licensing arrangements in place for the AR-DRG Classification System products (including the ICD-10-AM publications) due to intellectual property and copyrights as these products represent significant commercial value to the Commonwealth./> IHPA has a licence from WHO to grant licences within Australia and internationally in respect of the ICD copyright material owned by WHO. IHPA is also the custodian of the copyright material owned by the Commonwealth of Australia and able to grant licences in respect of the Australian content. India is not currently licenced to use the AR-DRG Classification system and entities located in India may only use the ICD-10-AM products subject to strict licencing arrangements in place with IHPA. Please refer to HIMAA Australia webiste and IHPA Australia for more information on Australia Medical Coding.. Medesun provides ICD-10-CM Training.

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