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Online medical billing and coding training – Get your foot in the healthcare door

Here’s your opportunity to carve out a healthcare career as a medical coder or biller. Completing this Medesun course is all it takes to acquire professional skills and certification to land an entry-level job at a hospital, clinic, or other medical settings. In just two months, you will learn the basics of translating health information and records into codes and preparing claims for payers for the delivered services. And after you get through your online training for medical coding and billing, you will sit a final AAPC or AHIMA exam.

This course is best for those who lack professional coding and billing expertise yet. It covers occupational basics all the way to advanced skills associated with CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-10-CM codes and recognized reimbursement practices. The course curriculum and outline are developed by Dr. Guptha and are focused on making you 100% exam-ready.

You can receive the Medesun accredited medical billing and coding training online, whether you’re a student or a certified specialist looking to advance your career. For example, if you’re a biller, you can take this course to expand your coding skills and fulfill your potential in both roles.

Why kick-start your career with Medesun online training for medical coding and billing?

  • Medical Terminology Videos
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Medical Coding
  • ICD-10 CM Coding [Diagnosis]-2020
  • CPT Coding [Procedures/Surgeries]-2020
  • HCPCS Coding [Supplies/ Drugs]
  • Medical Coding Advanced Level with hundreds of Practice Questions
  • Medical Billing in Detail CMS-1500
  • Clearing House
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Denial Management
  • AR work (Working on Denial and Rejections)
  • Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE
  • BCBS
  • Workers Compensation
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security
  • Revenue Cycle Management/PQRI
  • Sample files for Coding and Billing (Job Oriented)
  • 5 Mock Exams-2020

Dr Santosh Guptha,
AHIMA ICD-10 Certified Trainer.
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140 Hours (Self-paced, complete in 2 months or maximum 6 months)


INR 25,000(PLUS Taxes)
(Training Material Included, Limited Time only)-
Pay in two installments

We’ve put together this training to help you maneuver past coding and billing challenges and get a high-paying job in the healthcare industry. Enroll in it to:

  • Experience self-paced learning. Proceed with the Medesun medical billing and coding training at home without taking days off. You can schedule when it’s convenient for you to develop your competencies online, whether early in the morning or late in the evening.
  • Receive individualized attention. With this course, your instructor will follow a one-to-one approach to deliver a laser-focused studying experience. Your lessons will be tailored to your professional and personal needs.
  • Get the certification you need. It’s up to you to sit for the CPC, CCS, or CCS-P exam as you complete our medical billing and coding training online. The course includes five mock exams to test your skills and knowledge before taking an official one.
  • Land your dream coder or biller job. Make it to the certification stage of the course, and new career opportunities will overwhelm you. Both AAPC and AHIMA credentials are renowned worldwide, so your skills will stay in demand, no matter what.
World Record Trainer

Dr. Santosh Kumar Guptha:

We have added HIPAA Compliance Training in detail at no cost along with Medical Billing Training online.

Web based Training, Access any time. Selfpaced, 24/7 Access. Start and complete as early as in 2 months.

Medical coding and billing training syllabus click Medical Coding Certification


Students who successfully complete the training program will be issued a course completion certificate and can approach any Medical Coding and Billing company for a placement but should be able to meet the company standards.

Please feel free to e-mail if you have any questions.


Access to 2000 Pages of Training Material

800 Practice Questions

Free access to Medical Billing Videos ($299 worth)

Free access 3 Sets of Sample CPC papers (Worth of $99)

60% Discount in ICD-10 Training

Unlimited E mail Support

Free HIPAA Training

The fastest way to get certified

Thanks to Dr. Guptha’s experience and online learning, you don’t need to take courses for years to become a certified specialist. You can receive our medical billing and coding training from home, learn professional basics, and do well in an exam – all in two months. New job offers will come once you get your certification.

Join the Medesun medical coding training online and plan your schedule with your instructor. We adjust our learning strategies to the needs of all students while focusing on achieving course objectives with assessment tasks. Let us know when you’d like to get started.