Medical Coding Training Schedule

  • Special Training for Doctors-MBBS, BAMS, BHMS, BDS, BPT-Join the Medical Coding for Doctors Batch

    B-pharmacy-Excellent Opportunity, DON’T Miss.

    Online Training is as good as Classroom Training

    MEDESUN CPC Practice Exam practice tests are designed to prepare candidates for the actual exam. These tests are similar to actual interview questions. Practice tests include multiple-choice and true-or-false questions.

    After Training-Medesun provides one month exclusive Study hours/Practice Sessions

    National and International Medical Coding Job Assistance

    Average Salary for Medical Coders in India Starts from 16,000-18,000-23,000 for Freshers

    1-2 years experience coders-35,000-60,000 INR Salary per month 3-5 years experience coders-70,000-125,000 INR Per month-

    Salary Depends on Skill-Medesun empowers you with skill needed for medical coding jobs

    Medical Coders Salary in USA-15 USD-60 USD Per hour. UAE-4,000-12,000 Dhirams

    Medical Coding Classes provided by Medesun is as per Syllabus Mentioned in AAPC, USA

    After CPC Medical Coding Course, plan for AHIMA CCS-Inpatient Coding

    Canada Medical Coding-Complete the Health Information Management Training and CHIMA Exam

    Europe Medical Coding - HIM Course then ACC Certification for UK

    Australia, NewZealand, Ireland-ICD-10-AM Coding Certification is required

  • New Batches- CPC Certification Classes AMEERPET-HYDERABAD, Classroom and ONLINE Training, Medical Coding, Medical Billing HIPAA training included.

     Medical Coding Training covers ICD-10-CM, CPT, HCPCS-2022 Editions, 10 CPC Mock Exams, 3000 Questions practice, Extensive study hours, One to One focus, Placement Assistance, Extensive study hours, Training Videos, Training by Dr Santosh guptha, 18 years experienced in medical coding and billing training. Free classes for 7 days. Whatsapp/Call now 6302921198, 9966933693. Special FAST TRACK Medical Coding Training on demand. Whatsapp 9966933693. AAPC CPC/CIC Exam cost is 700 USD with membership for one year and 2 attempts to clear exam. Best Medical Coding Training in Ameerpet, Kukatpally, and Dilsukhnagar. Sanitizer, N95 Mask, Arogya Setu App, Physical Distance Must.Training by World Record Holder Dr Santosh Guptha

    Medesun Provides Placement Assistance | Special Classes for Bpharmacy, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, MBBS | Abroad Medical Coding Placement Assistance | Earn up to 2 lacs per month

    Click here Online Medical Coding Classes

    Eligibility: Any Lifescience Graduate

    Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Zoology, Bpharma, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, BPT, Nurisng, Medical technicians, MBBS etc.
    June 2, Classroom Training
    AAPC Curriculum-Classes by Dr Santosh Guptha-Exclusive CPC Batch, One to one focus. Sanitization is done before and after class  
    Comprehensive Advanced Medical Coding Training for CPC Exam
    Timings:  11-1 PM
    Timings:  CPC Exam Preparation
    Location: Classroom Training, USA Certified -Expert Trainers
    Duration: 2 Months training and 1 Month exams

    Fees: 31,000 INR (PLUS Taxes)

    AAPC CPC Exam only for 54,990-Get Corporate Discount. 

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    June 1, 2022-ONLINE TRAINING-Enrol any time and start training immediately
    Comprehensive Medical Coding Training for CPC Exam
    Timings: 7-9 AM
    Timings:  24/7 LMS Access
    Location: Ameerpet, Hyderabad-Expert Trainers
    Duration: 2 Months training and 1 Month exams

    Fees: 31,000 INR (PLUS Taxes)

    100% Online-DIGITAL Classes-Take CPC Exam after training. 

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    June 10, 2022
    AAPC Curriculum  
    Comprehensive Medical Coding Training for CPC Exam
    Timings:  9-11 and 11-1 PM AM(Morning)-5 Days/Week
    Timings:  6- 9 PM(Evening)-5 Days/Week
    Location: Ameerpet, Hyderabad and Vijayawada-Expert Trainers
    Duration: 2 Months training and 1 Month exams

    Fees: 32,000 INR (PLUS Taxes)

    AAPC CPC Exam only for 49,990-Get Corporate Discount. 

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    May 10, 2022 Comprehensive Fast Track Medical Coding Training
    Timings: 11-1 PM, 6-8 PM 5 days/Week
    Location: Ameerpet and Vijayawada
    Duration: 2 months training and 1 month exams
    Fees: 35,000 INR(PLUS Taxes)-
    August 19, 2022

    HL7 Certification Exam Training-Version 2.7, HIPAA, AHIMA CCS-2020

    Australia, Canada HIM, Singapore, Saudi Arabia-6th Edition and ICD-10-AM 10th Edition Training.
    Timings:  2 Weekends
    Location: Ameerpet
    Duration: 4 classes followed by Online Training

    Fees: 36,000 INR(PLUS Taxes)

    ICD-10-AM, ACS, ACHI-45,000 INR

    With Free Material and Study Guides

    • Packages: Includes Taxes

    Package-1: (TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION) Comprehensive Medical Coding and Billing Training Fees: 31,000 (2 months training Plus One month Internship Plus CPC Exam Preparation)

    Package: -2 : ( TRAINING, CERTIFICATION AND INTERNSHIP) Included Package 1 plus 6 months internship Fees is 35,000 rupees

    Package-3: ( TRAINING, CERTIFICATION, INTERNSHIP AND JOB ASSISTANCE) -Fees 35,000 rupees and for Internship and Placement Assistance 15,000 rupees Payable after placement only- Comprehensive Medical Coding and Billing Training Fees: 35,000 (2 months training Plus One month Internship Plus CPC Exam Preparation) + Job Assistance which included resume preparation, interview preparation, speciality specific classes for interviews, placements notifications, 100% assistance for Medical Coding Jobs.

    Students can upgrade the packages.

    ONLINE Training: (TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION) Comprehensive Medical Coding and Billing Training Fees:35,000 (2 months training Plus One month Internship Plus CPC Exam Preparation)

    Indian Students-Fees 35,000 INR

    USA/UAE- Fees-38,000 INR

    We create and nurture efficient conceptual training and healthy atmosphere which is the cornerstone of our success. 2000 Questions and Answers

    • Tailor made training program designed by AAPC certified faculty members. 90 Questions are from Medesun question bank

    • We believe in disciplined work attitude with dedication to the needs of the candidates who aspires a fruitful career in healthcare industry. • We understand the growing importance of soft skills and interpersonal skills, so we train our candidates to the interview standards of the market. • Unparalleled and unique training services superlative to comparison and competition. • We provide Cost effective training, which means a proficient training which equals the money you pay. Best in Hyderabad (More quality, best price.) We provide 10 CPC Mock exams. Attend Free DEMO and Decide.

    The CPC-2022 Exam Breakdown

    Passing the CPC exam requires you to correctly answer a minimum of 70 questions from the series below. The exam questions, however, will not be identified or sorted by the series to which they pertain.
    The CPC test will rely on a level of understanding that enables you to identify the series.

    The 10,000 Series CPT® part of the exam will consists of six questions

    The six questions in the 20000 Series CPT®

    Six questions covering the 30000 Series CPT®

    40000 Series CPT® will be tested with six questions

    50000 Series CPT®with six questions

    Six questions directed at the 60000 Series®

    Six Evaluation and Management

    Evaluation and Management

    Six questions from Radiology

    Six path/lab questions

    Six questions from Medicine

    Medical terminology for all systems in the human body will be assessed in four questions.

    Anatomy for all systems in the human body will be assessed in four questions.

    Five questions will require proficiency in diagnosis for all the chapters included in ICD-10-CM

    Five questions will require proficiency in diagnosis for all the chapters included in ICD-10-CM

    Coding Guidelines-5 Questions

    Three questions from Compliance and Regulatory

    Ten cases will test your ability accurately code medical record documentation using CPT®, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II.

    The cases will cover 10000 series, 20000 series, 30000 series, 40000 series, 50000 series, 60000 series, medicine, anesthesia, radiology, pathology and laboratory, and evaluation and management services. Medical terminology, anatomy, compliance, and regulatory information may also be tested in the cases.

    Some FAQs:

    1. What is Medical Coding
    Medical coding is the translation of complex medical reports into HIPAA-secure, standardized codes. Medical coders help healthcare providers document the condition of patients and accurately bill them for their services.

    2. How to Become Medical Coder
    To become a medical coder, you will need to learn and apply three primary code sets. ICD-10-CM for Diagnosis Coding, CPT for Procedures Coding, HCPCS for Supplies and Drugs Coding. These codes serve as the foundation of a complete medical record and can be utilized by a variety of healthcare providers. You will learn how to code for diagnoses, medical services, and medical equipment.

    3. What is the Eligibility for Medical Coding Training
    Any Life Science Graduation is Eligible.

    4. How many months duration for medical coding?
    Duration for Medical Coding is 3 months. 2 months training and one month exams

    5. What is the mode of Medical Coding Classes
    Medical Coding Classes are offered either online or Classroom Training

    6. Does Medesun provides placement assistance
    Yes, Medesun Provides placement Assistance

    7. What are the USA Certification Exams for Medical Coding
    CPC: Certified Professional Coder form AAPC CCS-P: Certified Professional Coders form AHIMA CCS: Certified Coding Specialist from AHIMA