Messages for MTs and PRs

Medesun Offers Comprehensive Medical Coding and Billing Training

Message for MTs and PRs

  • Being a Medical Transcriptionist, you have enough knowledge about the Medical Terms, Templates, Clinical Conditions, Common Drugs, etc
  • At one point of time, you may think about changing the field or upgrade your knowledge and career, its appreciable
  • You may feel Medical Transcription has no Future or Bored with work , as it's a same routine work

Advice from Dr. Guptha

  • As an MT your salary ranges from 8000-25000 per month
  • You may expect a higher salary in Medical Coding and Billing, that's WRONG. Starting salaries are between 6000-12,000 Per Month. So if you already working as MT/PR and earning more than 12,000 and change the feild, you will get less income. However the growth is very fast in Medical Coding and Billing Field. Its a promising career.
  • You need to learn Medical Coding+Medical Billing+HIPAA (As you have learnt Medical Terminology + English+Typing+Dos and Don'ts of Medical Transcription, even if you miss any one, its very difficult to deliver the quality and quantity of work. The same way, Medical Coding + Medical Billing + HIPAA knowledge is must.
  • Growth is very fast compared to Medical Transcription and less tedious. Every day you will learn.
  • You will get chance to get Certified and prove your talent to the employer in MCMB. There are 14 Levels in Medical Coding and Billing Field. If you are Passionate to learn and earn, MCMB is best for you.
  • Medical coding and billing is comfortable compared to Medical Transcription, but responsibilities will be more.

Medical transcriptionists and PRs, please contact Dr. Guptha Personally before you take decision

If your salary is 12,000 Plus MT is best for you. Don't select Medical Coding and Billing.
Salary is 12,000, but I need change If Starting salary is not important for you, then take up Medical coding and billing
I don't like MT as I feel its Physical Job and Tedious Wait, Medical coding and billing is also tedious, however very less compared to MT
I have 5 years of Exp in MT Medical coding and billing is best for you, You are most preferred by employers. Starting Salary will be less, prepare for that
There is no growth in MT Medical coding and billing is good for you, as growth is faster and you have much scope to prove your talent.
I am doing Home Based work Medical coding and billing is best for you, Upgrade your knowledge without disturbing your Job
I am very much interested To be a successful Medical coder and biller, you should have interest, Select Medical coding and billing career
I don't want to work in Night Shifts or Late hour Expect good salary if you are ready to work as per USA Timings. MCMB is not for you. MCMB is more Responsible Job. Salary depends up on how much responsibility you will take. In MCMB you need to discuss with US Physicians, Nurses and Payers as per requirement. Prepare to work as per US Timings.
I need home based work after training Home based work is not possible in MCMB, You need atleast 1-2 years experience.

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