Job Title

Medical Coding Executive
  • Code 60-100 medical records per day
  • Correspondence with Doctors (Clients)
Medical Billing Executive
  • CMS-1500 claim form filling (50 per day)
  • Claims submission
  • Working on rejections
  • Denial Analysis
  • EOB Postings
Account Receivables Executive
  • Denial management
  • Collections
  • Appeals
  • Re-submission of Claims
Coding Supervisor (Senior Position)
  • Coding Charts
  • Quality Check
  • Training the juniors
  • Knowledge Improvement
  • Feedback to Physicians (Clients)
Compliance Officer
  • HIPAA implementation
  • Privacy and Security
EM Auditing. (Senior position)
  • Analyze the medical record documentation
  • Auditing the Codes assigned
Generally Coder / Biller Should
  • Read and interpret medical record documentation to identify codeable diagnoses and procedures for data capture and billing.
  • Accurately assign diagnostic and procedure codes for reimbursement and statistical purposes
  • Apply knowledge of official coding guidelines to correctly sequence diagnostic and procedure codes
  • Abstract information from patient records to complete insurance claims
  • Have knowledge of various reimbursement methodologies and fee schedules
  • Link diagnostic codes to the proper procedure codes to ensure accurate claims submission
  • Claim reviewer
  • Coder facility based
  • Coder physician based
  • Coding consultant
  • Coding specialist
  • Coding supervisor
  • Coding trainer
  • Compliance audit specialist
  • Educator
  • Insurance manager
  • Medical billing clerk
  • Medical bill & account collectors
  • Medical posting clerk
  • Medical records supervisor
  • Medical office manager
  • Outpatient Coder Certified Patient Account Technician Claims Analyst
  • Medical Coder Medical Claims Review Specialist Coding Analyst
  • Inpatient Coder Certified Professional Coder
  • Claims Reviewer Certified Procedural Coder
  • Claims Processor Claims Assistant Professional

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