Medical Coding Services

Medesun provides hospitals, physician offices, group practices, ASCs the accurate coding as per the guidelines. NHFAS uses only experienced and credentialed coders.

We receive transcribed reports or bills from the client, which are carefully read by our experienced coders. They then accurately identify the diagnosis, procedures and modifiers, and mark codes for each.

  • The medical documents are electronically scanned by our client.
  • The scanned documents are access yb NHFAS by secure VPN connection
  • Each document is thoroughly reviewed for completeness, quality and readability
  • The diagnosis, procedure codes, and modifiers are assigned as per client guidelines.
  • The coded documents are uploaded to client server by secure FTP

Why Medesun..?

Coding is done in accordance with NCCI (National Correct Coding Initiatives) and LCD (Local coverage decision and medical policies) guidelines

Medical coding expertise in over 10 Specialties

Saves you time and resources. You have more time for patient care and you can utilize your resources in other areas of your practice

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