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Certification Exams


CPMB(Certified Professional Medical Biller) Exam:
Excellent opportunity for Medical Coders and Billers. Prove your talent by getting certified. Sponsored by the Professional Medical Billers Association, USA. CPMB is National Certification Exam in Medical Billing.

Exam Fees: $129(PLUS Taxes) (Including 1 day Workshop)
Includes examination fees, membership fees and CPMB Study guide.

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CMRS Certification Exam

CMRS(Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist) Exam:
The test is offered on-line and you have 45 days to complete the test. You are tested on the following areas: Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology, Information Technology, Web and Information Technology, ICD-9, CPT, Clearing houses, CMS-1500, Insurance, Insurance Carriers & Managed Care, Compliance, Fraud and Abuse, Case Studies and General Information.

Exam Fees- $329(PLUS Taxes)
CMRS (Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist) is offered through American Medical Billers Association (AMBA). You can visit their website

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ICD-10 Exam

ICD-10 AnalystTM Certification Holder Exam:
ICD-10 AnalystTM Certificate is appropriate for Medical Coders, Medical Billers, Billing Company Owners, AR Analysts and those who are interested in choosing Revenue cycle management as a career option.

Exam Fees: $299(PLUS Taxes)
Sponsored by: ICD-10 Coders Academy (http://www.icd10codersacademy.net)

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CPC Exam

CPC: Certified Professional Coder Exam:
Sponsored by American Medical Academy of Professional Coders (http://www.aapc.com). Medesun Healthcare Solutions is conducting CPC Preparation Classes to prepare you perfectly for CPC Exam.

Exam Fees- $500(PLUS Taxes)

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CCS Exam

AHIMA CCS/CCA Examination:
CCS Is Computer Based Exam. Some student's has complained that the questions are repeating. If one test taker takes the CCS Exam, for other test taker same questions are coming in exam. If your goal is to PASS CCS Exam, then DONT APPROACH MEDESUN. If you want to learn Physician and Hospital Coding and do the job confidently, please approach Medesun.

Exam Fees: $300(PLUS Taxes)
Medesun Provides Comprehensive Medical Coding and Billing Training. Prepares you for the CPC and CCS Examination. Students can take any exam.

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Certified Professional Medical Record Auditor-CPMA Certification:
Medesun, pioneers in Medical coding, billing and ICD-10 Training offering CPMA training. CPMA is highly honored certification, as auditor you can work across Medical coding, Auditing, HEDIS, HCC Coding an Data abstraction work. CPMA is challenging, only certified coders with experience should attempt the CPMA Exam.

Exam Fees- 25,000 INR(PLUS Taxes)

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